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Taxes & Spending

According to the Tax Foundation, Americans in 1900 paid only 5.9% of their income toward taxes, and ‘Tax Freedom Day’ came on Jan. 22.   By 2019 Americans paid 29% of our incomes toward taxes and ‘Tax Freedom Day’ arrived on April 16.  If the federal deficit is added to the burden, then the date stretches to May 8.  Americans collectively paid more in taxes in 2019 than for food, clothing, and housing combined.  It is obvious that Americans are taxed too much, and Wisconsin residents are no exception.

In my experience the residents of Wisconsin residents feel their tax burden is too heavy.  The transition from a booming economy with record employment to a sudden crash due to the pandemic, will heavily impact property taxpayers in 2020, and cause significant reductions in state revenue.  The upcoming 2021-23 budget will require the state legislature to make significant adjustments.  Republican control of the state legislature has improved Wisconsin's tax burden rank amongst the states, and continued Republican majorities will control the growth of government.  I will continue to search for ways to limit waste and abuse of tax dollars, and to reduce tax burdens for all income levels.

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