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Individual Endorsements:


I unequivocally endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt for re-election to the Wisconsin State Assembly. Jeremy has joined with Governor Walker in creating a sucessful economy resulting in prosperity and a better life for all Wisconsin citizens. Jeremy is a proponent of the traditional American values that have made our state and our country great! Please vote Thiesfeldt in November. Mike Hatch Professor of Business Administration (Ret.) Past Chairman, FDL County Republican Party — Mike Hatch

Jeremy is RIGHT for Wisconsin and RIGHT for our district! His pro-family, faith, true conservative principles & values are appreciated and needed in Madison. Thank you Jeremy ! Paul Osterholm & family — Paul Osterholm

Voting for Jeremy Thiesfeldt is a vote for an honest and upright politician whose values and work ethics are second to none. I have known Jeremy for several years and feel very confident in his ability to lead us in the Wisconsin State Assembly ....and lead us with honesty and intregity!, Jeremy has my vote and I would strongly recommend you give him yours, too!, Thank you Jeremy for all your efforts on our behalf!! — Dianne Bilitz

Jeremy is an outstanding lawmaker and deserves re election — Kurt Schuller

I am thrilled that I can work for Jeremy at the Capitol and see the great work he does and the leadership he brings to the Legislature! — Paulette Kozar

I endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt for State Assembly. Jeremy is a man of integrity, has strong Christian values, and is family-oriented. He would be an excellent benefit to us and our country. — Fay Boelk

I support Jeremy Thiesfeldt because of my personal experience with him as a teacher and watching him as a political leader. I believe he will continue supporting a free market, less Gov’t control and religious freedoms. — Jacob Boelk

Jeremy has been good for WI. — Keith Schaefer

Representative Thiesfeldt has been a powerful, thoughtful advocate for education and job creation. I strongly endorse him for re-election. Thank you for generosity, care, and dedication! — Sean Twohig

I appreciate Jeremy's strong convictions concerning family values. I believe he has the opportunity to be a great influence upon the education of our next generation in Wisconsin. I am looking forward to Jeremy's return to Madison. — Dan Leeds

I endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt to the Wisconsin Stste Assembly. Jeremy has shown that he takes pride in representing the constituents in his district. I stand with Jeremy Thiesfeldt. — Joel Gudex

Mr. Thiesfeldt has proven himself to be a man of his word, even in difficult or trying circumstances. When he was on the Fond du Lac city council, a group came before him that had been promised a vote if they got enough signatures-- which the group did. (I avoid mention of the group only because I believe who it was to be irrelevant.) Mr. Thiesfeldt argued loudly that they needed to keep their word, but in the end only one other was able to be swayed, and the promise was broken. Since then I have seen how careful Mr. Thiesfeldt is with his word, and how often he manages to keep it. I find him to be a man of skill and integrity, and I'm very happy he is still willing to run for office. — Deborah Corbett

I highly recommend Jeremy Thiesfeldt for the 52nd State Assembly. I'm a 1st grade teacher in Fond du Lac. He's a former teacher. He understands the importance of good high quality education and the need for proper funding. He always answers my emails in a prompt fashion, too! Vote Thiesfeldt for the 52nd State Assembly! 😁 — Kathleen Parish

In today’s atmosphere the only thing that seems to unite democratic and republican politicians is a mistaken belief that the ends justify the means. With all the shady business plaguing campaigns, it’s important to elect honest, good natured men and women. As a former student of Jeremy’s I know you will be hard pressed to find someone with better intentions than him. — Josh Trapp

I support Jeremy because honesty and integrity always matter - especially so with our elected officials. I appreciate that he tries to truly understand the many facets of the various issues. He has always answered my questions sincerely instead to just reciting canned answers. — Nick Brannen

Jeremy has proven he deserves to be reelected. He is a man of deep convictions who will unflinchingly act on them. Our relationship was formed while he was a city council member and I was city manager. He has my utmost respect and trust. — Tom Herre

I've supported Jeremy over the years as he is a great conservative choice for Wisconsin! He spends our tax dollars wisely, is a great family man and educator. Thanks Jeremy! — Jana Secord

I had the opportunity of interning with Jeremy at the state capitol when he began his career as State Assemblyman - he is a thoughtful, conscientious leader with a strong desire to make a positive difference in our state and community. I fully support and endorse Jeremy Theisfeldt for Wisconsin State Assembly. — Lauren Wochos

I have known Jeremy for quite some time and I have come to know him as a trustworthy, conscientious, and thoughtful leader. Jeremy consistently holds out for the greater good, and I personally trust him to represent me at any level of government. — Marcus Oksa

I support Jeremy Thiesfeldt for Wisconsin State Assembly, he is hard working individual who shares my values. He is a thoughtful compassionate person who listens and engages all people. — Jim Brajdic

A man of integrity, that is our Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt. He is involved on our behalf. A more humble man you will never meet. Thank you, Jeremy, for your service. — Ann Wentworth

I strongly endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt and his work for State Representative of the 52nd District. Jeremy is an honest, hard working Christian family man whose principles align with ours, and he listens and then works on the concerns of the people in his district. — Dianne Wendler

Having known Jeremy for many years he has shown his strong commitment to improving his district and the lives of people in Wisconsin. He is hard working, sincere and thoroughly researches issues. — Jim and Kelly Rickert

I enthusiastically add my support for Jeremy ThiesfeId to our State Assembly representing the 52nd District in Fond du Lac County. Jeremy, as a former educator, has been great defender of the Wisconsin educational system. As the chair of the Education Committee and past chair of the Consumer Protection Committee. He has worked hard on many other committees that are to help all citizens regardless of their political persuasion. Jeremy, a family man and a community leader who worked tirelessly as a member of the Fond du Lac City Counsel for three consecutive terms. Jeremy is a man of the highest character and moral structure. His work is based on a strong belief in our system of authority and fairness, he is loyal, and believes strongly in each person’s individual liberty. The sanctity of our governmental system is deeply embedded into his core belief system, which shows in the work he does. Please support Jeremy Thiesfeld for State Assembly, he is a man that truly cares. — Jay Capelle

Jeremy is an outstanding Assemblyman for our district and for our State. He is a hard working, responsive representative for the people. He is dedicated to advancing the moral and conservative values of the people of our district. Jeremy's Christian values keep him centered on what is really important and help to insure that we pass on a great State to the next generation. — Bill Finn

I strongly endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt. He is who we need for our district. His past leadership, honesty and hard work has proved that in the past years. I am proud to say he has always been a friend of the people and will continue to work hard for Wisconsin. Please get out and vote. — Cheryl Millay

Having the opportunity to serve with Jeremy on a School Board and having him fill in for a short time as a Principal of the School my children attend, I can truly say I am proud to have him in our Wisconsin State Assembly. He understands what needs to be done and will do what is best to serve the people. — Chad Muche

Jeremy is a strong leader who gets things done and puts the concerns of his constituents first. He is not running for another term in the Assembly for himself, but for the future of Wisconsin. — Linda Wendt

I wholeheartedly support and back Jeremy Thiesfeldt and the work he is doing for our district. His morals, the things he stands for align exactly with what I strongly believe in and stand for. He is making our community, indeed our state, a better place to live. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, Jerem! — Luanne O'Connor

I support Jeremy Thiesfeldt for the Wisconsin State Assembly. — John Abler

I am extremely happy to endorse Jeremy Theisfeldt for re-election to the WI State Assembly. He works hard for his community and is a man of high integrity and strong Christian values. Thanks for your great work! — JJ Raflik

I think Jeremy is doing a great job representing us. He is a true conservative and will continue to do the right thing. — Jacky Christie

Jeremy epitomizes the perfect mix of knowledge for a state representative. A history teacher by profession, he has great knowledge of the country and it's founding principles. Jeremy also has local government experience, thus underestanding the needs of local government. Being a teacher, he understands the needs of today's young people, and the challenges of being a teacher today. And the most important trait - he listens. He has always been unafraid to tackle tough issues and face the voters. I can truthfully say that without his support, the improvemnts to the Highway 151 bypass would never have happened. He followed through from his days on the city council, unlike many others who talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. I am proud to endorse Jeremy for State Representative of the 52nd district. — Mark Weber

Jeremy cares a lot about kids and proves it in numerous ways. Last year he was the principal of a grade school and a state representative at the same time. A truly dedicated person and he is always willing to listen! I fully Jeremy for State Representative! — Debbie Weber

Jeremy, I support you and hope that Gov. Walker and conservative Republicans retain control of WI State Govt. We need reforms in K-12 education that bring back a curriculum that teaches our founding fathers and history, that speak to the value of work and not welfare, and that protect the Constitutional rights of all American citizens. — Edward Perkins

I fully support Jeremy Thiesfeldt and his work. We need Jeremy reelected for his strong and courageous belief systems, core values and solid record. Wisconsin is stronger because of Jeremy Thiesfeldt! As a small business owner I am proud to share he listened to my concerns for the copier buyer and lessee in Wisconsin and has supported AB 684. This bill when passed will allow more money to be retained within a business and less in the copier vendor's pocket as well as disclosing long term contractual benefits for the buyer. I'm voting for Jeremy!! — Al Kietzmann

Jeremy is a fine honest, Christian and family man. I have no doubt he would dedicate himself to serving in this position to the best interest of all. I endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt for the 2018 candidacy for the State Assembly District 52. — Carole Hielke

I have known Jeremy Thiesfeldt since his days on the Fond du Lac City Council, and have followed his path to our state legislature with great interest. I have watched him stay true to his core values and beliefs and appreciate that he consistently votes to ensure those who need help can get it while maintaining the integrity and spirit of our assistance programs. As a chiropractor, I also appreciated his support for our profession as well as the stances he has taken to nourish the climate for small business and economic growth. Last but not least, I have come to know Jeremy as a family man with a solid Christian foundation, which I know he uses to guide the decisions he makes in Madison. As a result, I am very proud to offer my endorsement to Jeremy and I look forward to his continued service to our fine state of Wisconsin. Doctor Kay Miller, Fond du Lac City Council — Kay Miller

I endorse Jeremy Theisfeldt for Wisconsin State Assembly. His honesty and integrity are top notch. He believes in God and our country. — Jill Wilhelms

I think Jeremy is doing a great job representing our community. He is level headed yet firm in his stands and he represents my values! Keep it up! — Kathy Henslin

I support Jeremy, honest, incorruptible and definitely the man for the job! — Salremy Curcurio

I am happy to give my support to Jeremy Thiesfeldt in his reeelection bid. He has done outstandingly well as our representive in the State Assembly & I look forward to his continued service on our behalf! — James Bilitz

Jeremy is a great example of a hard working family man. He is the kind of guy that can excel in any role given to him. He will put the concerns of the people first. — Marty Nell

Jeremy has never forgotten his job, that he is our representative. He really works for us, for we the people. His background, his base in his family and his faith, his honesty; is truly who he is. I am honored and please to support him again. — Bill Gius

Jeremy shares my family oriented, conservative values that I appreciate in a political leader. He is a hard-working man of integrity. — Tanya Suprenand

I endorse Jeremy because he has strong work-ethic, family values, loves teaching and learning... Characteristics that are often lacking in government, he listens to constituents, respectfully questions their opinions while explaining his view point. — Paul Cunningham

I endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt for Wisconsin State Assembly because I witnessed first hand his dedication to the citizens of our community. It is so refreshing to have a representative that is so in tune to the needs of the people and the businesses. Jeremy is truly a servant of the people! — Kellie Krepsky

Jeremy has been a great leader for the district and a great support to Governor Walker to keep Wisconsin strong. Leaders like Jeremy need to keep supporting his constituents with their employment and responsible use of their money — Peter Cobb

I highly support Representative Thiesfeldt for re-election. Representative Thiesfeldt has taken time to visit out small town monthly meetings & has listened to & taken action on issues I have discussed. A true conservative & worth your vote. — Linda Baxter

Jeremy has had a godly influence on the legislation of our state for many year. He is unashamed of his faith and the morals that come with serving the Lord in this capacity. The Bible says that all in government serve the Lord, whether they know it or not. Jeremy takes his service seriously and always has a well thought out and researched answer before a question is even asked. — Heath Perry

Jeremy is a very professional and honest Representative. He listens to the people in the district and brings their opinions forth in Madison. He has also done a great job with policies relating to education. You can count on my vote. — Tom Schermerhorn

I had been historically a 1 issue voter all my life and at my core always will be however experience and wisdom have lead me to consider a broader approach to selection of my representative. Jeremy has all those checks in the right boxes that keep me coming back to the polls to ensure my 2nd Amendment is safe, Illegals stay out, and families have a true choice on where their education dollars go. — rich niehueser

Jeremy Thiesfeldt works hard for the Fond du Lac area and is always willing to listen to the needs our our community. I am proud to endorse Jeremy as he runs for re-election to the Wisconsin State Assembly — Greg Giles

I wholeheartedly support Jeremy Thiesfeldt for re-election. Jeremy is a Constitutional Conservative and strives to represent all voters in the 52nd district in the State Legislature. I find Jeremy to be a man of integrity and good sense and in my opinion, is the best assemblyman our district has ever had in my lifetime. (I am 67) I urge all, Republican, Democrat, or Independent to vote for him this November 6th. — Mark Knickel

I met Jeremy Thiesfeldt fourteen years ago in the arena of politics. At the time, he was not pursuing any elected office, but rather teaching high school students full-time and volunteering his time to help with other campaigns. Over the years, I have seen Jeremy excel in the roles of family man, teacher, city councilman, state assemblyman, friend, and most recently as interim principal at the school where I teach. In every role, I have seen a solid, principled leader, educating himself to gain understanding and clarity on the issues at hand. I have seen a dedicated worker, willing to do the difficult, behind-the-scenes things necessary to pursue excellence. I have seen a faithful servant, one who will give of himself until the very last, and then still give some more. Above all else, Jeremy is a compassionate and caring individual. I whole-heartedly endorse Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt for re-election to the 52nd District of the WI State Assembly. Vote Thiesfeldt on November 6! — Holly Schwefel

Jeremy is a great leader for our state! He cares about the people he represents and listens to their concerns. He has my vote! — Rebecca Johnson

It is my honor and privilege to endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt for State Assembly. Jeremy is a man of integrity who gets things done in Madison. He is not beholden to special interests and does what we have elected him for, which is more than I can say for some of our other elected officials who only work at getting themselves re-elected. — Paul Kasten

Jeremy is a hard working servant of the people. He is a family man who has raised his children to value hard work and a sense of pride in a job well done. Jeremy doesn't shy away from responsibility and works to make this community a better place. His dedication to his work has earned my vote! — Wendy Schultz

As the District Attorney of Fond du Lac County, Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt has my full support for reelection to the State Assembly. He is a friend of law enforcement and is always available and responsive to my requests. He has been in the front of the line pushing the state to fill our unfunded prosecutor positions. His efforts are strongly reflective of the residents of Fond du Lac County, and I would encourage all residents of the 52nd District to support his reelection on Nov. 6. — Eric Toney

It is my honor to endorsed Jeremy Thiesfeldt for Wisconsin State Assembly. Jeremy is a results driven public servant that will stop at nothing to fight for the interests of the people of Fond du Lac County.If you want to continue to see accountable government, join me in supporting Jeremy Thiesfeldt for State Assembly! — Camille Solberg

In a time when it’s difficult to trust politicians, Jeremy Thiesfeldt stands out. He’s honest, trustworthy and I know where he stands. He values life and never minces words or says whatever will get him ahead just to win a vote. He is always willing to listen, even when our opinions may differ. He is open to new ideas and not beholden to any special interest groups. Representative Thiesfeldt isn’t an ordinary politician. He’s working for us and the quality of our daily life with education, drinking water, pharmaceuticals and so much more! He has my vote! — Annette Meihack

What a blessing to have Rep Thiesfeldt represent Winnebago Lutheran Academy. His understanding of the unique educational needs and opportunities in our community serve our families well, both in our public as well as private schools. — Dave Schroeder

Truly one of the most honest, hard working, descent people I know. I strongly endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt. — David Seif

Since being first elected to the State Assembly Jeremy has continuously fought for the best interests of Fond du Lac County. He has served with integrity and honor, earning the respect of his peers and citizens throughout his district. As a Fond du Lac County Board supervisor I have always appreciated his input and knowledge as to issues which impact our County. I am honored to endorse Jeremy in his re-election to the State Assembly. Sam Kaufman Fond du Lac County Board Supervisor — Sam Kaufman

Jeremy is an excellent candidate. He is disciplined and hardworking, always willing to listen to any concerns that an individual may have. Jeremy is prompt with communicating and if he doesn't know the answer to a question he is willing to find out. I fully support Jeremy for the Wisconsin State Assembly. — Lori Schroeder

With my title of the Wisconsin Turkey Commander and a 70 year old lifelong Wisconsin hunter and sportsman I ENDORSE Jeremy Thiesfeldt for the Wisconsin State assembly. We as Sportsmen and Sportswomen have to have someone that will protect our Right to Bare Arms thus allowing us to hunt. I have known Jeremy and his family for over 50 years. He serves his God – Family – Country as a Citizen of the United States should. Please give your support and Vote for Jeremy. — Loren Voss

In the years that I have known Jeremy, he has demonstrated the importance of marriage and family. He has continued to be honest and dedicated. He is willing to listen and works hard for the best interests of our community. I endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt for the 2018 candidacy for the State Assembly District 52. — Mary Nell

I proudly Jeremy Thiesfeldt for Reelection on Nov. 6th. Simply Principled! That is what I want in my Representative. Thanks for your efforts. Chris Shafer — Chris Shafer

I have known Jeremy for over 10 years and have served on City Council with him he is a man that looks out for what is best for his constituents. He studies the subjects and the issues that are important. He will continue to listen and hear what people are saying. He is always willing to listen to questions and give answers. Jeremy has my support!! — Rob Vande Zande

Jeremy proves over and again that his priority is to serve the people of his community. He is dedicated to us in words and actions! — Heidi Borgwardt

I support Jeremy Thiesfeldt for reelection to the Wisconsin State Assembly because he works hard for what is best for, not only our district, but the entire state of Wisconsin. He is an honest man with top notch leadership abilities. — Helen Levorson

Jeremy is a fine example of what our government representatives should be! Working for the best for everyone... honest, caring and sincere! I wish we had more people in our government just like him! Thank you for all you do for us! — Darcy Rahjes

Representative Thiesfeldt's thorough research and thoughtful decisions makes him an excellent voice for issues affecting citizens of the 52nd District as well as the State of Wisconsin. — Jeanette Rinke
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