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Individual Endorsements:


The Honorable Jeremy Thiesfeldt supports and stands for the values that I cherish. He stands for fiscal conservatism, Christian values, and supports small-town America. He has served honorably, faithfully, and diligently and has my full endorsement for reelection. — Dwayne Clark

I am proud to support Jeremy Thiesfeldt who has proven his dedication to representing our community and our state. He has stood strong for the Constitution, protecting our rights, freedom, and the dignity of every person from conception to our natural death. He has also looked out for the needs of small business owners. — Julie Petersen

Jeremy is a hard working conscientious individual who had the best interest of his constituents in mind in everything he does! — Linda Pedersen

I support Jeremy Thiesfeldt for State Assembly because he cares about our community and our state. He stands and fights for the Constitution, citizen rights, and the lives of the preborn! — Mandi Hicks

Without any hesitation I endorse Jeremy for another term in the Assembly. I appreciate his dedication and leadership during these difficult times. I'm confident he will continue to work hard for his constituents. — Dean Will

I believe Jeremy represents his constituents well with solid conservative values. We need common sense addressing pressing social and economic issues. Also continued support for law and order. — Marcus Mumm

Jeremy has been extremely helpful whenever I have contacted him on issues. As a teacher he understands the importance of education and yet he also understands that we don’t have unlimited funds so he helps support what gives us the best results for our tax dollars. — Cindy Koffman

Jeremy Thiesfeldt is a true patriot. He stands behind the US Constitution 100%. He is for law and order. He was a former teacher and values a strong educational system for our students. He defends the 2nd Amendment, the right for every law abiding citizen to keep and bear arms. He supports a strong economy, less taxation, deregulation and a strong military, as well. Jeremy has my full endorsement for the 2020 election. — Kathleen Parish

I have been a proud supporter of Jeremy Thiesfeldt since he began serving in public office years ago. He has proven his dedication to representing our community and our state on a vast array of issues. His knowledge of our Constitution guides his path to lead in a way that preserves our freedoms and keeps law and order. I fully endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt for another term. — Catherine McGalloway

Jeremy Thiesfeldt has done an outstanding job standing up for and representing the needs of small business owners such as myself from day one. Small business owners face constant challenges ranging from taxation to regulatory issues that often put us at a disadvantage vs. larger companies. Jeremy continues to fight for a level playing field for those of us working every day to pursue the American dream. As a conservative Christian , Jeremy aligns with a value set that will help ensure generations to come will be able to enjoy growing up in the same country I have, one where common sense, good judgement , self-respect and respect for others are the core values taught to our children. I am proud to offer my endorsement for Jeremy and look forward to supporting him for another term. — Dr Kay Miller

Jeremy has been representing us so very well. His character is of the utmost importance and he is loyal, faithful, patriotic and honest. I wholeheartedly support him. — Luanne O'Connor

Jeremy is a principled man who works hard for the families in our community, and does so in a gentle and respectful way. — Heidi Borgwardt

I fully endorse Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt for State Assembly. I had the privilege to work for him and can attest that he is true to his convictions, works hard and has amazing integrity! We need more representatives like Jeremy Thiesfeldt, — Paulette Kozar

A solid Christian conservative voice in Madison! — Sam Kaufman

Jeremy understands that during this uncertain time, we need to be open to different educational opportunities to help each student achieve academic success. He takes time to listen to concerns and seek out solutions. — Katie Kasubaski

We met Jeremy in 2016 after we moved from Michigan. We wanted to know about Wisconsin politics after living in a democratic area in MI. We have followed him since. We are pleased with his policy regarding the education of children and his conservative Christian values. — Mike & Kathy Baeckl

I just moved to this district within the last 2 years. I believe Jeremy to very passionate and involved with his constituents.he Is authentic and caring about his community and things that are happening within his community. Is also responsive and getting back to people when they ask questions. Overall I would say he is a very good fit for the position. — jon henning

Jeremy Thiesfeldt receives my endorsement because of his unwavering conservative values, citizen engagement, and his proactive approach to issues. He's always seeking to learn and grow as a representative and truly listens to his constituents. — Krissy Grunewald

Jeremy has been an excellent, diligent, conscientious and sensible representative for me and my family. We are privileged to have him working on our behalf and we need more like him in government. — Darold Treffert

I would definitely endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt! — John Budelman

You can not ask for more when it comes to Jeremy Thiesfeldt representing our district. This is truly a man that has and will stand up for our freedoms! Keep up the Great Work! — Heath Perry

Jeremy is committed to protecting all of the constituents in his District, helping to resolve issues both large and small. He and his staff sincerely care for others. Jeremy has proven his willingness to tackle the tough issues while not compromising on his own morals and ethics. We need Jeremy’s voice of reason in the government. — Tamara Crook

Jeremy is a solid, ethical person who sticks to his beliefs and is eager to make Wisconsin a better and more vibrant place, — Daniel Dettmann

Thank you, Jeremy, for representing the 52nd Assembly so well. I know you will continue to do so! — Helen Levorson

Jeremy is a great, knowledgeable and honest representative for the people. Keep up the good work. — Tom Schermerhorn

Jeremy has upheld American values throughout his terms. He represents Wisconsin values by being pro business and forward thinking to help the Wisconsin economy and is responsible with our tax money. He holds in the reins for tax payer money and rejects wasteful government waste. The plus is....he's also a great human being. — Peter Cobb

As a business owner in Fdl, I was very happy to see Mr. Thiesfeldt supporting small business (the staple of America) through these strange times. His activity on social media was impressive as well. I had the opportunity many times to question him and interact with him on these posts. His view points are very straight forward, honest, and not wishy washy. — Daniel Fishelson

I wholeheartedly endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt for re-election to the State Assembly. Jeremy has a passion for education, and that subject is one that resounds loudly with me. — John Colwin

I have known Jeremy for his entire life. His parents like mine nurtured us in God’s Word at the same church in Fond du Lac. I trust very few politicians but Jeremy choose to get into politics after having a Real job teaching. Jeremy was the FIRST candidate I ever actually contributed money to his campaign. The attributes and the knowledge I respect that Jeremy has and uses are. Common Sense Follows the Constitution of the United States of America Knows who Created him and our World Respects the Right to Protect yourself and your family Being the Wisconsin Turkey Commander I need someone I can trust that he will protect my ability to hunt. I recommend Jeremy Thiesfeldt for the Wisconsin State Assembly. Ask Jeremy a question. You Will get a response. — Loren Voss Wisconsin Turkey commander

I endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt! — Linda Jane Niedfeldt

I am an all in supporter of Jeremy. He is exactly the person we need representing us in Madison. It's too bad there aren't more Jeremys in Madison. He is the most principled representative I have ever met. — ROBERT OBERBECK

We have known Jeremy for a number of years now. He is hardworking and honest in all he takes on and willing to take on most any task! He is a true asset to represent us in Madison! — Lee and Barb Scott

Mr Thiesfelt is a fiscal conservative which we need now mote than ever. — Edward Wenzel

Jeremy, Drop off a yard sign when you get around this way. — Don Behnke

Jeremy is a fair and unbiased man. He consistently represents his constituency and their best interest in the Wisconsin Legislature. I am proud of all he has accomplished, and I am proud to call him my friend. When laws are being written for the greater good, and through unprecedented times of turmoil and strife, we need people like Jeremy in office to guide the way toward the best possible outcome, and the brightest future. — Marcus Oksa

I will pray for you, Jeremy , these leftists must be defeated — Greg Meltz

So thankful to have Jeremy in our side. — Michelle Murphy

I hereby endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt for Wisconsin State Assembly. — Cheryl Retzlaff

I am endorsing Jeremy because he is responsive to his constituents and is a strong principled leader — Paul Eggers

Thanks for all your hard work! I will continue being a strong supporter for you and the Republican Party! — Zachary Rhodes

I fully support Jeremy Thiesfeldt as he continues to serve the 52nd District as a hard-working, dependable, and honest representative of his constituents. — Joan Oberbeck

I endorse Jeremy Thiensfeldt — Mary Ann Scott

In today's chaotic political climate, it's important we support those in office who maintain a life of strong character, share our values, and lead by example. I have known Jeremy Thiesfeldt for most of my life in a number of different capacities: a teacher, coach, mentor, politician, and friend. We haven't always agreed on every issue, nor should we, but he is always willing to explore every avenue and work through the varying viewpoints, weighing each aspect as he makes decisions. Before working for us at the state level, he was a teacher, coach, and local legislator. He comes from humble roots and understands the values, concerns, and hopes of his constituents. Government needs more people like Jeremy Thiesfeldt! Join me in giving him your vote! — Matthew Halter

I want to go on record as endorsing Jeremy Thiesfeldt for state assembly. Jeremy has worked effectively with other elected officials to move our district and community forward, I can honestly say he is hard working . Now more than ever it’s important to re-elect a leader that will stand up and fight for the 52 District and our constitutional rights. — Lee Ann Lorrigan

Jeremy Thiesfeldt is an honest and dedicated Representative of the citizens of our district. I trust his judgment on the important issues facing the Assembly. We are lucky to have him looking out for our interests in Madison. — Scott Matthew

Jeremy has been a strong ally to the criminal justice system and our district attorney’s office. Our community is safer because of this and I support Jeremey’s reelection. — Eric Toney

Representative Thiesfeldt is the most effective pro-family legislator in Madison, and its essential that we allow him to continue to fight for our families and the 52nd district. — Daniel Degner

I am pleased to endorse Jeremy for the 52nd Assembly Seat. He works hard for his constituents. — James Bilitz

Jeremy will always fight for We The People! — Ivy Lenz

I want to wholeheartedly and without reservation endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt for another term as our Wisconsin State Assemblyman. I am a 69-year-old resident of Fond du Lac and Jeremy is the finest representative we have ever had in our district in my lifetime. Jeremy is a man of unshakeable Conservative, moral, Constitutional principles and integrity. Anyone who is a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, I would urge to give him your precious and sacred vote as an American Citizen, resident of this Assembly district, and Wisconsin. — Mark Knickel

Jeremy Thiesfeldt has served the 52nd District by being a voice of reason in Madison for several years. During present times of crisis and government over reach, he has fought to keep order and allow common sense to prevail. Having known Jeremy for almost 20 years, I have the utmost respect for this God-fearing man with a true servant’s heart. He brings dignity and grace to every role he fills: husband, father, educator, interim principal, church leader, state representative. I am pleased to call him my representative in Madison and will eagerly cast my vote for him in November. — Wendy Schultz

Representative Thiesfeldt provides a calm voice and clear head in Madison. In these turbulent times, his voice of reason introduces some sanity and a sense of direction. — David Wege

I am proud to endorse Jeremy Thiesfeldt for his re-election to the State Assembly. Jeremy is a local and state leader with great values. With his experience, Jeremy is a great asset locally and at the state level. — DuWayne Schwartz

I am endorsing Jeremy Thiesfeldt for Wisconsin State Assembly. Jeremy has done a great job of supporting his constituents. He is always willing to answer your questions and if he can't, he will find someone who can. Jeremy is a fighter in the assembly and gets things done. Please support Jeremy for Wisconsin State Assembly. Vote Jeremy Thiesfeldt, he's the right person for the job! — Linda Graves

In a time when it’s hard to know who to trust and who’s watching out for us, we’re so fortunate to have Jeremy Thiesfeldt representing the 52nd district. He’s a common sense, no nonsense leader who values life, family, education and less government involvement. He is excellent at listening and has always responded quickly to questions and concerns my family has had. I’ve appreciated how he is interested in my opinion, even if it’s not his own. Representative Thiesfeldt has a servant heart that is honest and full of integrity, traits that are rare. Our district is better with Jeremy Thiesfeldt! — Annette Meihack

Our families appreciate the values of faith, family,& friends that Jeremy represents and lives by. Thank you Jeremy for your faith , leadership and integrity. — Paul Osterholm
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Barbara Gray
Lori Schwalbe
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Todd Hochrein
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